Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17 Big Picture

Transfiguration refigured

Fighting sleep in the blinding light
the first thing to do is make tents?
Peter runs off, gets goat skins and ropes
and while the cloud is trying to encompass
them, and God is trying to be heard,
the disciples are busy hoisting
and raising as if it could be contained.
But the dazzling brightness
keeps blazing through,
burning holes in the goat skin,
brightness not stopping
God still shouting
and nothing stops it all
from disappearing,
going back to normal
so that everyone wonders
whether any of it really happened,
except now there’s a piece of charred goat skin.

Centuries later, it's a piece of a tapestry,
the face of love gazing out into the cathedral
but finallay shimmies off a spider,
spins out into a spiral galaxy,
the face had only been holding its breath
wincing in the flashbulbs of our folly.

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