Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12

Decoder Girl

License plates are trying to tell me something.
Not the cute ones: EyeDoc or JensCar. Those don't even have a role
to play in the great unfolding.

But the random ones are fragments of a predetermined message.
One day, traffic will line up perfectly--from Key West to Nome--
Total gridlock.

We all stop and watch as it starts to make sense.
Even the unintelligible signs
that number bridges will fall into place.

Don't mind me if I seem to be driving in circles
until then. If I don't run out of gas, I'll be there
when the letters add up.


  1. That would be something! Would love to see something meaningful come out of all those darn numbers and letters. Well the ending.

  2. Images everyone knows in a new way. I like this quite a bit.

  3. Really liked this - especially liked "I'll be there
    when the letters add up" and "License plates are trying to tell me something" - lovely ways to start and end!