Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 24

Find a phrase

May my vessel be shattered by such fierce winds
not a board remains to bear me aloft on the seas!

The very formal pirate always tried to honor
his tyrannical English teacher

and never uttered such crass statements
as shiver my timbers

though the image of every slat
quaking with fear as the waves tore

and sheered it to splinters
might have won the pirate a gold star

and saved him a lifetime of seasickness.

Twist a phrase

Liar be square
Slime fries when you're having sun.
Truth is tasted on the tongue.
Pleasure twice: slut once.
A turd in the sand is worth poo in the tush.
A twitch in time shaves pine.
Dead guy at night, trailers turn right.

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