Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13

Poem Starting with a Line from Norman Dubie

"In triplicate, he's sent an application, listing grievances, to the stars."
Better them than me.

The drivers all tailgate him.
The government's gone mad.
Dog owners don't know the meaning of voice command.

The stars are in for it now.
Will they weep, as I do?

Dry cleaners destroy his shirts.
Ski season ended too early
due to global stinking warming.

A professional kvetch, I explain, should hold something in reserve,
offer a surprise now and then, especially when dealing with celestial bodies.
Why should they hire him from among the trillion applicants,
rather than, say, the ghost of my father, who now has eternity to perfect
his critique of his stepfather's choices,
alternate scenarios sprouting like dandelions,
the whole duck family of Couldve and Wouldve
marching in procession across galaxies.
Planets ricochet while a mysterious gentleman
hangs up his pool cue. Pockets fill: coins spill.


  1. glad i stopped by love the format love the feel it flows so haphazardly graceful and finely tuned to dubie... !!! poem...

  2. enjoyed your chaos, like a big bang of scenarios colliding with each other. Dubie and his brothers would be proud! ;-)

    Nice job!