Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28


An ordinary college evening,
okay, maybe a Saturday, tripping,
and suddenly the pieces fall
together. Of course: the universe
could only have been created by Love.

Obviously hidden.
Mysteriously clear.
Laughter ensues.
Religions right after all?
What's a sophomore to do?
Repent? Too funny!

Love. Pure love permeating
black holes in space and nova
lox. Salmon, nebulae and the dot
matrix printer, newly invented,
adding to the perfection of it all.

Just like the day at the armory,
when I saw what happens when a tiger
bats its paw, just like my cats,
when annoyed, but causing three red lines
to appear through the trainer's white shirt,
lines visible from across the vast armory.

I remember these stripes
and the tiger. I see them now,
tiger and trainer, in eternal embrace.
Love is so different sometimes.

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